Our Games


Tick Tock Tick Tock - The clock is ticking, as the time is precious to save the house. All you have is the inanimate objects such as sofa, shelfs, electronic devices, door mats to push the bomb(s) out of the house. Unlock each level and power up grenades to experience the bigger and funnier levels. You don't have to diffuse the bomb, all you need to do is discard it!


Cubots -The Origins is an intense adventurous puzzle game.A CUBOT (Player) needs to take the blue cube to the goal through crossing the obstacles. It might look easy but the mind boggling puzzles will make you think twice before moving your cubot in right direction.

Gravity Bridge

It is an intense infinity ride towards the space on a gravity bridge, where swiping the bridge and controlling the wheels are the only option to escape the death. Experience the deadliest ride with an incremental speed to find the mysteries inside the game.

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