There is a BOMB in the house. Yikes, you must get rid of it as quickly as possible! Tik Tok Tik’s not your wrist watch but the eerie sound of that bomb. So, lo & behold that hero inside you to defend the horizons. You must use all the inanimate objects such as the sofa, shelfs, electronic devices etc. to push the bomb out of the house. Unlock New Levels to power up grenades and explore bigger & monstrous BOMB threats.
Warning: Diffusing the bomb won’t do it; you must get it out of the room, otherwise she is gonna blow!

⚡ Addictive Game play.

⚡ Compete for best high scores to achieve the titles and be on the leaderboards.

⚡ Beautifully created visual design.

⚡ Exhilarating physics based game play.